How to get Targeted #CX Feedback from your Twitter Followers

So… you’ve spent a good while building up your social media presence and gained thousands of new followers on Twitter. That’s potentially thousands of individuals interested enough in your brand to follow you on Twitter. That’s a great effort! But, what can you do next? What’s the best way to leverage that Twitter following and gain some valuable customer experience (CX) feedback?

Well… we’ve developed a fully automated solution that enables you to quickly and easily reach out to those Twitter followers through Direct Message (DM). You can target a specific subset of followers and automatically send them a personalised direct message with a request to complete a survey. We then capture all customer scores and verbatim comments in real-time.

What you ask in that survey is completely up to you! You can design a campaign that asks questions around brand perception, product development or even ask for more generic customer experience or customer satisfaction feedback. The key is leveraging those followers for capturing quick and easy CX feedback and tapping into a whole new goldmine of VoC (Voice of the Customer) insight.

There’s just 4 quick steps to get underway on our DM / CSAT solution:

  1. Connect your Twitter account, upload your followers and target specific accounts.
  2. Create your web-based survey, with specific questions and verbatim comments.
  3. Schedule and automatically send out surveys via DM to your targeted accounts.
  4. Track all completed surveys, scores and comments via our real-time wallboards.

Real-Time Wallboard, showing all customer scores and comments:

Our new DM / CSAT Solution is incredibly quick and easy to deploy, with simple set up and configuration. We can even provide a 30 day pilot, where we cap the number of DM survey requests and tightly control all costs. Contact us now to get your own DM / CSAT Solution up and running within 48 hours!