BluePrint Racing, Milton Keynes

With the latest Factor 2 simulation software, combined with state-of-the-art Fanatec hardware, BluePrint simulators are designed to provide an ultra-realistic experience.

BluePrint RacingEach BluePrint racing simulator offers the UK’s finest single and multi player Simulator Racing experience.

Whereas racing/arcade games often remove ‘real-world’ elements to give you a sense of speed, racing sims aim to be as close as possible to reality – they are purpose-built to be accurate, which doesn’t necessarily mean easy.

Jump behind the cockpit of a BluePrint F1 racing simulator, Milton Keynes to experience the UK’s finest single and multi player simulator racing experience.

Using the steering, pedal and gear controls found in a proper racing car, a racing simulator enables you to drive the car of your choice on real-life circuits, replicated in incredible detail, for a fraction of the real cost.