Mapping The Social Customer Journey Across Digital Channels

Using The Right Channel, For The Right Type Of Enquiry:

In today’s multi-channel world, it is more important than ever before that we respond to our customers in the most appropriate channel. It does not matter if a customer journey starts with a tweet or a Facebook post, if the nature of that enquiry means a transition to email or web chat (and back again) to resolve the issue, we must be able to respond seamlessly and efficiently across each channel. We must provide a cohesive, joined up customer experience, across all digital channels.

For the record, this does not mean identifying an issue on Twitter of Facebook and then advising the customer to send in an email, which inevitably goes to a separate team, with a different set of SLAs! It means quickly identifying the type of enquiry and being able to manage the customer issue, regardless of channel, within the same team and ideally within the same platform. This enables us to track the customer journey, across all digital channels, to provide a swift and consistent resolution.

Let’s take a look at some example social media enquiries and use of the most appropriate channel. The key here is ‘if’ we can answer in channel and within the public domain, then we should do so. However, depending on the nature of the enquiry, agents should select the most appropriate channel to find a swift and secure resolution for the customer. After switching channels, wherever possible, we should ensure that we come back into the public domain to demonstrate a resolution:

multichannel customer service infographic

5 Top Tips for delivering exceptional customer experience, across all digital channels:

  1. Blended Inbox: Whether the customer contact is through Twitter, Facebook, Email or Chat Session; agents need a universal inbox covering all digital channels.
  2. Single Team / Single Application: Customers need a cohesive, joined up experience across channel; digital customer service needs to be delivered through the same team and application.
  3. Seamlessly Switch Conversation, Across Channel: Agents need the ability to choose the appropriate engagement channel and seamlessly continue the conversation with the customer.
  4. Tracking Conversations, Across Channel: Supervisors need to track all customer conversations in real-time, across channel, whilst monitoring KPIs and reporting on cross-channel performance.
  5. Integrated Multi-Channel CRM: Tracking customer conversations across channel requires strong integration with CRM systems, ensuring all customer interactions are recorded and updated.

DigiDesk has been built by the contact centre, for the contact centre, to facilitate the delivery of blended, multi-channel social customer service. We provide a single platform to manage customer interactions across social media channels, email and web chat. To see the future of digital social care visit