Managing Social Conversations Across Digital Channels

We all know that primarily social media is designed to enable conversations in the public domain and we all know that ideally you should interact with your customers in the channel of their choice. However, sometimes a conversation that starts on social needs to be taken across to a more private channel, where customer details can be exchanged and issues resolved. Here, we are looking at the most effective way to manage a social conversation across public and private channels, within the same team, using the same platform.

1. Identify Relevant Social Mentions

It is vital to reduce noise into relevancy and focus on the most relevant social customer service mentions. You must define workflow that identifies customer service enquiries, which can be prioritised and assigned to the correct team or agent. Once these key mentions have been identified, you must be able to manage them effectively.

If the customer has a simple enquiry, it may be possible to respond in channel and within the public domain. There may even be examples where Twitter direct messages or Facebook private messages are appropriate. However, as soon as we need to ask for customer details, customer numbers, order numbers etc, agents should be looking to switch to a more private and secure channel.

2. Seamlessly Switch to Private Channels

Once an agent has recognised the need to move a customer to a private channel, it is crucial that the conversation should continue within the same team and ideally with the same agent. Therefore, the social agent needs to be able to initiate a web chat or email trail that will be dealt with within the same platform as just another interaction.

In some circumstances, a simple web chat to provide a tracking number or order number will suffice and this can be enough for the social agent to resolve the query. However, in other scenarios, where more detailed customer information or attachments are necessary, an email interaction may be the most appropriate form of communication.

3. Continue The Conversation…

Whether the customer is moved to email or web chat, the social agent needs to be able to seamlessly continue the interaction. Even if the initial contact was through Twitter or Facebook, the shift to private channel should just be a continuation of a threaded conversation, regardless of channel.

DigiDesk treats every contact equally and routes the conversation to the most appropriate team, ideally ensuring the customer continues to interact with the same agent. The Audit Trail will join up every conversation, across channel, and both calculate the total handle time and keep CRM updated throughout the conversation.

4. Loop Back onto Social for Closure

Once any issue has been resolved across private channels, it is imperative that we loop back into the initial social channel to ensure the issue is resolved. This makes sure that our social customers are kept happy and that our brand reputation is maintained within the public domain.

DigiDesk is the only leading social media platform that enables a seamless transition across both public and private channels. Manage your social conversations effectively, across channels, with a single team of agents, working on a single platform. Get in touch here for a demo of our solution.