How to Leverage your Twitter Followers for Powerful #CX Feedback

If you’re a B2C brand, it’s likely that you’ve already built up a significant number of Twitter followers. Some brands have well over 100,000 followers. That’s 100,000+ individuals that are interested enough in your brand to follow you on Twitter. Surely, they should be a valuable resource for customer feedback and opinion?

That’s 100,000+ followers that you can access instantly to send out targeted market research surveys, product development questionnaires or even gauge more generic NPS (Net Promoter Score) and / or customer experience feedback. So, how do we go about tapping into this goldmine for #CX and #Custserv feedback?

Step 1: Design a Web-Based Survey

Set up a web-based survey, with a series of questions relating to market research, customer experience or customer satisfaction. These can be rating questions (say 1-10) or multiple-choice questions and you can look to capture a verbatim comment. All surveys should be branded and optimised for PC and mobile devices.

Step 2: Send the surveys out via Twitter DM

We connect your Twitter account and upload all your Twitter followers. Segment the data, as required, and manage the send of mass DMs to your followers. Each DM will have a personalised message, with a unique, embedded hyperlink to track the follower’s @Handle and demographics. Use of an incentive will increase uptake!

Step 3: Track Completed Surveys, in Real-Time

As followers start to complete the survey, we track all questions scores, multiple choice answers and verbatim comments in real-time. Tracking standard CSAT metrics, as well as advanced text analytics and sentiment analysis for verbatim comments. A range of reports are available to analyse the campaign in more detail.

Live Wallboard Tracking Completed Surveys

Live Wallboard Tracking Completed Surveys

This solution enables you to reach 100,000+ followers within hours. A simple, light-touch opportunity to capture powerful #CX and #Custserv feedback, with high uptake and almost instant feedback. Please contact us here for a quick demo of the solution and we can look to get a pilot up and running in no time!