Introducing Advanced ‘TweetStream’ Wallboards to Support Events

Nearly every event that I attended last year had it’s own dedicated #hashtag. We’re told to tweet away, using the #hashtag, to encourage audience participation and engagement. But, other than a brief moment of excitement, when your tweet streams on the live wallboard… I’m not sure how much audience engagement is really going on?

Here at DigiDesk, we’re trying to address that. We have lots of live social wallboards and have recognised that much of the social insight we deliver can be applied to supporting events. It’s easy to stream live tweets, with a specific #hashtag. But, how do we present these tweets in such a way to really encourage audience participation and engagement?

We’ve now created a number of ‘tweetstream’ wallboard templates, with specific widgets, to help deliver engaging content. We can still stream live comments, but also have a section to pose questions to the audience and to identify and highlight ‘top comments’. We can track the volume of activity coming in and the key topics being discussed.

Tweetstream Wallboard

For each event, we work with our clients to help set up the campaign, design the ‘tweetstream’ wallboard, can help moderate the content and deliver any post-event summaries, as required. We have a range of widgets available to not just stream unfiltered tweets, but to deliver engaging content and encourage audience participation throughout your event:

Pre-Event Set Up: Helping to set up the campaign, hashtag, accounts and any pre-event promotion.

Social Channels: We can stream comments from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus.

Comments Widgets: Streaming live comments, identifying top comments, posing questions and showing answers.

Full Moderation: You can either automatically moderate posts or use manual moderation to control live streams.

Range of widgets available to highlight:

  • Volume of customer comments, across channel
  • The sentiment and authority of each comment
  • Tracking the key topics being raised / discussed
  • Highlight a comment from a pre-defined ‘influencer’
  • Introduce and display results from a live poll or vote
  • Drill down into comments that include a trending keyword

Post Event Summaries: Providing a post-event summary of activity, highlighting top comments, questions and answers.

If you have an event planned for 2016 and want to include one of our ‘tweetstream’ wallboards, please contact us for further information and a quick demo. We have flexible packages to meet a range of needs and budgets…