Helping Contact Centres To Go Digital

Dimension Data’s 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report came with the tagline ‘Contact centres… go digital, or die’. It’s quite a powerful title, but when you review some of their research, it’s easy to understand the sentiment.

Contact centres have undergone an irreversible revolution over the last decade. Ten years ago there was no web chat, social media, and very little email. Today, digital interactions account for over 35% of all interactions and, at the current rate, will overtake voice in 2 years time.

Customers are demanding a change in how traditional contact centres operate. Customers under 40 would rather use social media or web chat for customer service. So, how can contact centres go digital… and survive?

Monitoring Digital Conversations

One of the key findings of the report was that analytics will be key in the next 5 years, but 40% of contact centres have no capability. Digital channels provide a rich source of real-time customer data, ripe for analysis.

We can provide real-time wallboards that track customer conversations across social media, the wider web, review sites (like Trip Advisor) and even stream comments from customer surveys into the contact centre.

Create bespoke views to track key conversations, customer service issues, and comments from key customers or influencers. All of the digital insight that your contact centre requires can be delivered via real-time wallboards.

Managing Multiple Digital Channels

Customers want a consistent customer experience, across the digital channel of their choice. Is your contact centre ready to offer the same level of service, whether the interaction is via web chat, social media or email?

DigiDesk provides workflow and engagement across all primary social media channels, email and web chat. A single, multi-channel engagement console enables agents to manage all digital conversations effectively.

Clearly, workflow, prioritisation and distribution rules can be independent across each channel. But, the days of having a 30 minute response time on social, versus 24 hours on email, should be a thing of the past…

Seamless Transition Across Digital Channel

The report states that customers want a ‘connected omnichannel journey across channels’. So, if you need to move a customer from the public domain, into a more private channel, are you able to track the conversation?

If your customer contacts you across Twitter, can you seamlessly move that conversation to web chat? Or if your customer complains on Facebook can you move them offline into email and maintain a threaded conversation?

DigiDesk provides a seamless transition across channel, enabling agents to initiate web chats or push the conversation to email. A single platform, with a single team of agents, to manage ‘threaded’ digital conversations.

Measuring Performance Across Digital

We’ve already discussed the need to monitor digital insight through real-time wallboards. But, it’s almost more important to measure performance and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) across all of your digital channels.

We have a real-time supervisor dashboard that measures the volume of digital contacts as they come in to your contact centre, how many have been resolved and performance against a define SLA (Service Level Agreement).

We also partner with CSAT Central for post-interaction customer surveys, across social, email and chat channels. This can provide vital customer satisfaction feedback and comments to bring in to the digital mix.

If your contact centre is looking to survive this digital revolution and look to really embrace digital customer service, please contact us for further information and a demo of the DigiDesk platform.