How To Effectively Monitor Social Voice of the Customer (VoC)

One thing that the growth of social media as a customer service channel has provided is access to a wealth of new customer insight, available in real-time. But, how do we harness this new form of social VoC and deliver powerful, meaningful and actionable insight into the contact centre?

Real-Time Wallboards

Have you heard the latest mantra, that customer issues break first on social? Well, by setting up a tailored wallboard for tracking customer service mentions, we can identify customer issues quickly and respond to them more effectively.

Today, we can configure wallboards that track brand mentions across multiple social channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and even review sites like Trip Advisor. We can bring all those mentions in… but, then identify the ones that really matter!

We do this through a series of ‘widgets’. You just select the widgets that matter most to you and create a series of bespoke views which will help you to monitor social VoC in real-time. There are a series of widgets available:

Buzz Volume – helps you to track the volume of a specific type of mention, whether that’s total volume of mentions or just how many complaints you’ve received today. You can be alerted to any sudden spike in activity and investigate the root cause.

Keyword Tables – help you to cut through the ‘noise’. You can set up queries that identify mentions relating to your website, or payment issues, or problems with deliveries. Each set of mentions can then be tracked in real-time and will quickly highlight issues through the day.

Word Clouds – are essentially ‘unscripted’. This means that unexpected keywords may suddenly start trending. By simply clicking on the keyword, you can drill down into a matching subset of mentions and understand what caused the related spike in activity.

Sentiment Swings – automated sentiment is not always perfect, but it still has its place in determining social VoC. A sudden swing from green (positive) to red (negative) should be investigated. You should work ‘with’ your provider to improve automated sentiment classifications.

Track Influencers – you can define a list of specific influencers that you wish to track and use a widget to highlight each of their posts and tweets. Or you can look out for high authority mentions – i.e. when someone with over 50K followers tweets something about your brand.

Mention Widgets – here, we move away from standard charts and graphs to actual streaming of live customer comments. You have the ability to ‘choose’ what type of comment gets streamed – i.e. if you just want to highlight positive mentions or, indeed, would prefer to show complaints.

The key thing is the ability to customise a view. To create your own bespoke view of social VoC. To track the social mentions that matter most to you, whether you’re in marketing, customer service or anywhere else within the business.

An Example Live Wallboard

Here is a link to live wallboard that we’ve set up to monitor the use of the hashtag: #socialcustcare – as you can imagine, it’s a keyword that we like to keep an eye on! The wallboard simply tracks use of the hashtag on Twitter and allows us to track:

Buzz Volume – the number of times that #socialcustcare is used, per day, week or month.

Word Cloud – we’re focusing on monitoring the related hashtags and handles on #socialcustcare tweets.

Share of Voice – compares the volume of mentions from a predefined group of influencers.

Influencer Posts – streams the tweets from that group of influencers into a comment widget.

Live Stream – tracks all #socialcustcare mentions as they come in. Try it… and see your tweet stream!

The wallboard is fully interactive, so you can change chart type, date ranges and click within any chart to ‘drill down’ into a matching subset of mentions. You can even update priority and sentiment settings within the drill down view.

Clearly, this is just a working example of a social insight wallboard. It is not really representative of a social VoC wallboard, but we hope you get a good ‘look & feel’ for how one could be set up.

If you are looking to track social VoC and want to discuss your requirements further, please contact us to arrange a quick chat and a further demo of the platform and the wallboard.