DigiDesk Introduces AWP (Agent Workplace) into Engagement

As a social media monitoring, analysis and engagement tool, a lot of our focus with DigiDesk over the past couple of years has been getting the right social mention, to the right agent, as soon as possible. This certainly helps optimise response times and improves the social customer experience. But, we have now turned our attention to the ‘agent experience’.

We’ve been working with our customers to understand how we can make agents more productive and add more value during a social customer interaction. As a result, we’ve developed a new Agent Workplace (AWP), which enables agents to review a queue of assigned mentions and then put their full focus on engaging with the customer.

Within AWP, agents can now:

  • Review the Mention – checking priority, sentiment and authority scores, as well as any ‘tags’ that have been added by workflow.
  • Reply to the Mention – choosing a public or private response, as well as the option to select from a range of ‘automated responses’.
  • Conversation History – will show the volume of previous interactions, from both the customer and past replies to that customer from the team.
  • Customer Record – which can be customised to include fields such as customer ID, name, address and notes, as well as fully integrated with CRM.
  • Add Notes – previous notes can be reviewed, as well as the ability to add new notes as free text or by choosing from ‘automated notes’.
  • Embedded iFrames – allow (secure) URLs to be embedded into the AWP for access to external websites from within the Agent’s Workplace.
Example AWP, with conversation history, reply box and customer record showing in split-screen mode.

Example AWP, with conversation history, reply box and customer record showing in split-screen mode.

All of these features help agents to review a threaded history of social interactions and respond more accurately and effectively to their customers across social media. But, we’ve taken AWP a few steps further forward as well…

  • Split Screen – allows two of the options above to be visible at the same time – i.e. to review history or customer record, whilst replying to a customer.
  • Internal Chat – allows a team of agents to safely send and reply to (internal) instant messages from within the DigiDesk AWP environment.
  • CSAT Surveys – enable agents to send out CSAT survey requests to social customers and track their own scores and comments in real-time.
  • Multi-Channel – in addition to multiple social channels, AWP now enables agents to work across voice, email, chat and SMS channels…

But, that’s going to be the focus of a whole new blog coming soon to take DigiDesk from a social engagement platform to a multi-channel ‘customer engagement hub’. Watch this space as DigiDesk transforms into the multi-channel mainstream later this year!

In the meantime, if you would like to a see a demo of AWP in action, please contact us here to arrange a quick webex.