From Contact Centre to the Social Customer Hub [Podcast]

We were very proud to be invited to join Paolo Fabrizio on Episode 13 of the Social Antipasti Podcast. Our very own Luke Porter discussed topics ranging from social customer service to the need for brands to be channel agnostic.

You can listen to the full Podcast here:

Social Antipasti Podcast



Highlights of this episode

00:05 Intro and welcome
01:13 Luke introduces himself and tells us about his rich professional journey
04:25 There’s been a (r)evolution in terms of how to adopting social networks: from a marketing to a customer service channel
06:47 Technology is evolving so fast that contact centres are becoming social hubs

Social Customer Service is a consumer-led revolution

09:41 Large B2C were early adopters of social customer service due to the pressures of earlier adopters (the consumers!)
11:27 How to use platforms to engage proactively with customers
12:01 Integrating social networks within the contact centre often tough for brands dealing with the ownership of them: marketing vs. customer service
14:01 What we need to provide excellent social customer service
15.21 Luke’s approach to KPIs: which ones should you choose and how to use them
17:15 Transition across channels is a sensitive topic; social customer service agent need to deal with it carefully to preserve the quality of customer experience provided

Brands need to be ‘channel agnostic’

25:15 Luke’s tip: learn about social customer service practices to be avoided
26:47 Recently announced Twitter and Facebook new functionalities will help brands embrace social customer service programs
31:11 Learn about Luke’s next projects for 2016
35:07 Thanks & regards