6 Ways To Look Out For Key Social Media Mentions

For many years top brands have been monitoring their social channels, tracking the volume of brand mentions and the sentiment of their tweets and posts. They may even have an understanding of some of the key conversations that customers are having across channels like Twitter and Facebook.

But, how many brands are able to quickly identify and track the key mentions that can affect brand reputation? To identify that key tweet or post that has the potential to go viral? How many brands know who their key influencers and key customers are, so that they can track and highlight these mentions in real-time?

Here, we look at six ways to cut through social media ‘noise’ and proactively look out for those key mentions:

Key Influencers

Every industry sector has key influencers. In our world of social customer service, it’s the likes of Martin Hill-Wilson or Guy Stephens. In the financial sector it might be Martin Lewis. The key point here is that we need to build a table of key influencers and track and highlight every time that they post something about our brand.

Key Customers

Every brand also has key customers. In the realms of social media, this may simply be a very loyal customer, even if they don’t have many followers. Or it could be a pop star that occasionally mentions our brand, but has millions of fans. Either way, we need to build a table of key customers and highlight whenever they tweet or post at our brand.

Keyword Tables

We should look to track a range of key topics, by setting up matching keyword tables. In retail, for example, these keyword tables may look to track topics such as, deliveries, payments, refunds, complaints, website issues etc. The key thing is to track these topics in real-time. A sudden spike in one area is the quickest way to identify a potential customer service issue.

Sentiment Swings

Tracking sentiment is still important. Monitoring how many positive, negative and neutral brand mentions are coming in. But, it’s more important to track any sudden swing in sentiment. If we see a sudden surge in negative mentions, it’s obviously pretty important to drill down and understand the root cause. We then have the chance to resolve issues more quickly.

High Authority

What if we get a brand mention from someone with a million followers, who is not yet one of our key influencers or key customers? We still need to track and identify these mentions in real-time. We may then want to ‘mark them’ as a key influencer for their next brand mention! Our high authority widget will track ‘any’ important tweets or posts.

Top Mentions

As well as high authority, we also want to track any mention that gets a bunch of likes, shares, or comments. This usually indicates a tweet or post that has created a great deal of interest around our brand. It’s important to track, identify and highlight any brand mention, across any social media channel, which becomes a ‘top mention’.

Monitoring Key Mentions in Real-Time

Monitoring Key Mentions in Real-Time

Monitoring Key Mentions in Real-Time

As long as you’ve set up your key influencer tables, your key customer tables and your keyword tables, you can highlight any important tweet or post in a series of real-time widgets. You can then ‘drill down’ into each widget to see a matching subset of data, including all of the native social media mentions.

Real-Time Alerts

Clearly, real-time wallboards are great for proactive monitoring. But, another way to keep track of key mentions is to set up a range of email alerts. You can set filters to certain keywords of customer types and trigger a real-time email, alerting you to a certain type of social media mention.

Key Mention Reporting

We have a range of standard reports that show everything from top mentions to high authority posts, across a period. Report on key topics and conversations from your defined influencers and key customers. All reports can be configured to automatically run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Please contact us here to explore how you could be doing more to track and highlight those key social media mentions.