4 Key Areas of Real Time Social Media Insight

Social insight is important for multiple areas of the business and it becomes even more powerful when that insight can be tailored for each area and delivered in real time. Whether marketing needs to track a campaign in real time or customer service needs to track the performance of their social team, DigiDesk delivers that insight via a range of dashboards and reports.

1. Analysis of Social Mentions

The analysis section of our platform provides a range of ‘widgets’ to monitor buzz volume, key conversations, sentiment, top topics and provides a breakdown of social activity by channel and geography. Each chart is configurable by date, chart type and is interactive so you can drill down and view specific mentions of interest.

More importantly, much of the analysis relates to the workflow set up in configuration, so that you can monitor specific types of mentions from your key influencers and most important customers. Track the nature of your social activity in real time and respond immediately as issues break first across your social channels.

2. Bespoke Real-Time Dashboards

DigiDesk enables you to configure multiple bespoke views of social insight, potentially for different areas of the business. Marketing can configure and set up a specific set of widgets to track an individual campaign, whereas customer service may set up a more rounded set of widgets to track social activity across multiple channels and teams.

Each bespoke view can be saved and will generate a unique URL, so that the dash board can be viewed via the web. All of our dash boards are fully responsive and are available across multiple fixed and mobile devices. This ensures that marketers and customer service professionals can track social insight in real time, from anywhere, via any device.


3. Tracking Performance KPIs

Supervisors are able to review the volume and nature of social activity in real time. Additionally, they can view the Supervisor Dashboard to track performance KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Supervisors can monitor the percentage of mentions responded to, the average time to answer, the average handle time and performance against a defined SLA for each team and agent.

There is also a live Data Overview, which enables supervisors to dynamically filter current activity and tag, prioritise, assign or remove a matching sub-set of mentions. The Audit Trail also provides a live update showing every stage of interaction, by which agent, across each channel and with time to answer and handle time statistics for each completed conversation.

4. Marketing and Customer Service Reports

DigiDesk provides a range of reports to cover the most demanding needs from both marketing and customer service. Marketers can easily track and report on a range of specific brands, products or campaigns, harnessing the most important social insight from volume of mentions to the positive and negative sentiment associated with each campaign.

Customer service can access a set of reports more pertinent to their requirements, from the nature of enquiries, through to the performance of individual departments or agents. All reports are available in near real-time, in a range of formats and automated scheduling can be set up to deliver specific reports via email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

We think we’ve got real-time social insight covered from every angle! Please contact us for a demo of our real-time wall boards and see if you qualify for a 30 day free trial…