What makes the perfect Agent Workplace?

What makes the perfect Agent Workplace?

It’s 2018 and contact centre agents need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently, across all contact channels. Here, we outline 10 top areas that every agent workplace needs to be able to engage with customers effectively:

1. Consistency across channel

It should not matter what channel a customer chooses to contact an organisation, the agent should be able to respond quickly, accurately and effectively.

Within DigiDesk, whether it’s a voice call, an email, a chat session or an interaction across social media, the agent can manage the conversation easily and effectively.

2. Threaded conversation history

Every agent needs to know the conversation, across channel. Our agents need to be able to review previous voice calls, emails, chat conversations and even social tweets or posts.

It shouldn’t matter if the contact centre has separate teams to work on individual channels. These conversations can still be joined up in a threaded conversation history, with associated notes.

3. Agent KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

All agents need to be able to measure their performance against a set of KPIs. They need to monitor their own performance against a defined SLA, based on duration and response time.

Our Agent Workplace enables agents to monitor those KPIs and much more. They can also track post-interaction CSAT scores and access unassigned mentions, across channel.

4. Access to customer record & notes

Every loyal customer is going to build up a conversation history, across channel. This is facilitated via a customer record, joining up phone numbers, email address and social profiles.

Every time an agent adds a note, related to the customer, it is stored in the notes section of agent workplace and available for review. All interactions and notes can be integrated with CRM.

5. Access to auto replies & notes

Our platform enables administrators to set up a range of templated responses (for each digital channel) and a set of commonly used auto notes for agents to choose from.

Agents can use these auto replies and notes to improve speed and accuracy, when engaging with customers. It’s even possible to limit an agent to just the use of templated responses.

6. Simple tagging and disposition codes

It’s vitally important to make it simple for agents to classify customer engagements through a simple tagging system and by the setting of resolution codes.

Administrators can easily define what tags are available and define a range of resolution codes. It is very simple for agents to tag and then close out both voice and digital mentions.

7. Access to FAQs/knowledge base

Training is important. But, ready access to a set of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) should be standard. Our agent workplace allows agents to review FAQs easily.

We can also build in a more advanced knowledge base. The framework is available to build a comprehensive knowledge base to empower agents with information and smart suggestions.

8. Agent-to-Agent Chat

Sometimes agents need to have an internal chat with one or more other agents, to come up with a solution or to discuss a customer situation. Our agent workplace makes this easy.

There is also the social aspect, where one agent may simply want to arrange lunch with another agent. Just bear in mind all internal chat conversations are also recorded in our audit trail!

9. Integrated scripting tool

We have an iFrame reserved for scripts. Scripts can help guide an agent through a type of call and catalogue each stage, all stored with the associated engagement in our audit trail.

We can work with you to create multiple scripts, for multiple types of inbound or outbound call. You can build in steps, associated with compliance, and measure quality/performance.

10. External iFrames

Lastly, we have the ability to bring in multiple external iFrames. These can include anything from an external CRM system, an internal order system or a simple web page.

Talk to us and work with our development team to make sure agents have every piece of information they need to respond quickly, efficiently and accurately to your customers.

DigiDesk provides all these areas as standard, within our platform. To arrange a demo of our advanced Agent Workplace, please contact us here.

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