The Evolution of Voice of the Customer (VoC)

The Evolution of Voice of the Customer (VoC)

As customer experience management practices and technology have matured, the ways in which companies capture and use customer feedback has transformed on multiple levels.

Here are 10 ways that illustrate this transformation in VoC programmes from ‘then’ to ‘now’:

1) Periodic Surveys to On-going Listening

There has been a transformation from static, periodic surveys to on-going listening, across multiple feedback sources.

2) Long Form Surveys to Less Than a Minute

We have seen a move to short, sharp surveys with two or three pertinent questions and more focus on the verbatim comment.

3) Standard NPS to Relevant Metrics

With more surveys, across different points in the customer journey, there is a need to ask relevant questions with associated metrics.

4) High-Level View to Granular View

The ability to drill down into metrics and verbatim comments to track/compare specific channels, regions, products and key topics.

5) Single to Multiple Feedback Sources

From singular CSAT feedback, to include analysis of social media data, digital interactions and customer reviews via a single platform.

6) Manual Transfer to Automated

Reliance on agent transfer has been replaced by automated, post-interaction surveys reducing impact of agent ‘cherry picking’.

7) Periodic Reports to Real-Time

Real-Time monitoring of VoC allows us to track trending topics and issues across all feedback channels and respond more quickly / effectively.

8) Silo View to Organisation-Wide View

Relevant insights can now be shared across a range of departments, moving to an organisation-wide view of customer experience.

9) View of Total Customer Journey

From a single channel view of customer experience, to a multi-channel view across multiple points in the customer journey.

10) Benchmarking to Actionable Insights

From simple CSAT metrics to delivering a range of actionable insights that can be fed into the organisation for tangible improvements.

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