12 Solutions for Enabling Effective Social Customer Service

Our friends at Midway Sky recently ran a blog on 12 Tips for Delivering Effective Social Customer Service. It’s a great piece and one that focuses on what organisations ‘need to do’ to get proactive across social channels.

However, we thought it would also be useful to take a look at these tips and understand ‘how’ to deliver those outcomes. What technical solution do we need to get in place to really deliver outstanding social customer service?

Here’s a rundown of those 12 Tips, with the added bonus of how to deliver the results:

1. Proactive Monitoring

If your organisation sets itself up across social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, be prepared for customers to contact you through these channels. Proactively monitor the social sphere for brand mentions and get real time analytics to understand the volume of social activity and the key conversations.

Solution: DigiDesk enables you to connect with multiple social media networks, so you can monitor for brand mentions through a single application. You get real time analytics and a single inbox for managing all your social media activity.

2. Reduce Noise into Relevancy

Once you have monitoring in place, the sheer volume of social mentions can be a problem for larger brands. Organisations need to define specific keywords and phrases for each department or campaign so that relevant mentions can be identified, prioritised and assigned to the right team of customer service agents.

Solution: DigiDesk enables you to set up a number of keyword tables. A workflow module then uses these keywords to trigger a number of actions, such as defining a priority field and assigning relevant mentions to specific teams or individual agents.

3. Speed of Response

Customer expectations are high across social media channels. Recent studies show that most consumers now expect a response on Twitter within an hour. Organisations must get the right technology and resource in place to deliver on these expectations… or deal with the consequences!

Solution: DigiDesk has the ability to identify and prioritise important social mentions. The workflow module also has intelligent distribution, which ensures that mentions are delivered to the team or agent with the best chance of responding quickly.

4. Percentage of Response

Whether the customer contact is positive or negative, it’s vitally important to acknowledge receipt of the tweet or post. As Ronan Gillen from eBay states “Sometimes you just need to let them know you’re working on it – even if you don’t have the answer to hand right away. The customer appreciates it.”

Solution: DigiDesk allows social teams to set up a number of canned responses. These can be selected and personalised by agents through a single mouse click, thereby increasing the percentage of social mentions responded to.

5. Controlled Agent Engagement

As a channel, social has it’s own rules and tone of voice. It’s important to give agents the freedom to respond in an unscripted manner. But, it’s also important to ensure professionalism. Organisations should empower their agents, but introduce a supervisor approval loop to prevent any faux pas in the public domain.

Solution: DigiDesk enables supervisors to define an approval percentage for each agent. Supervisors can then easily review any responses that require approval and quickly authorise or reject replies through the Data Overview section of the platform.

6. Identify Key Mentions

We’ve already discussed monitoring for keywords and phrases, but here we are focusing on key influencers and key customers. Organisations must look into the major influencers for their industry sector and prioritise any brand mentions. Similarly, key customers should be identified and prioritised accordingly.

Solution: DigiDesk includes a Customer Table, where key customers and influencers can be defined across all channels. Any post or tweets from these individuals can be identified, prioritised and assigned to the relevant team or agent.

7. Measuring Relevant KPIs

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in social customer service are ‘percentage of mentions responded to’ and ‘time to answer’. Both are key to measuring overall responsiveness. But, another vital KPI is to measure customer satisfaction across social channels by introducing post-interaction surveys.

Solution: DigiDesk has a Supervisor Dashboard that monitors a range of KPIs for individual agents and teams. You can also create a canned response for measuring CSAT and start tracking the quality of your social customer service.

8. Prepare for Spikes

It is almost inevitable that at some point your brand will experience a sudden, unexpected spike on social. Whether it’s as a result of a marketing campaign or a social media crisis situation, you need to be prepared. Make sure you can identify the spike quickly and ensure that you have the tools and resources to manage it effectively.

Solution: DigiDesk has the ability to set up a BAU (Business As Usual) workflow, as well as defining a number of emergency plans. These plans can proactively be set up to cover spikes, with mention caps and use of overflow teams and agents.

9. Proactive Posting

Why would you wait for customers to fill your social feeds with questions that you already know the answer to? Get proactive and post useful information and links to your most common queries. Additionally, it’s vitally important to post updates throughout any service outage or crisis situation to keep your customers informed.

Solution: The Publishing module of DigiDesk allows you to schedule tweets and posts in advance to keep your social customers up-to-date. Authorised users can also use the ‘Publish Now’ feature where a more immediate response is required.

10. Open All Hours

We know that it’s best practice to inform your customers of the hours that your core social team is available. However, we also know that we can’t control ‘when’ a negative mention might come in and affect brand reputation. At the very least, get alerts in place, but also consider working with a 24/7 outsourced partner.

Solution: DigiDesk includes the use of Time / Day plans, where routing can be defined for in-hours and out-of-hours. Real time alerts can be triggered for specific types of mention out-of-hours, or distribution rules can include a wider virtual team of outsourced agents.

11. Interact via the Appropriate Channel

Wherever possible, we should interact with our customers within their chosen channel. However, if the nature of the enquiry requires a shift to a more private channel, such as email or web chat, social teams and agents should be empowered to continue the conversation and seamlessly shift between multiple digital channels.

Solution: DigiDesk enables agents to seamlessly shift between replies in the public domain to private messages or, where appropriate, switch to email or web chat channels. All from within a single application and with a shared Audit Trail.

12. Tracking the Customer Journey

Often, a customer interaction on social can be the result of a poor experience across more traditional channels, such as voice or email. Make sure your social team has access to centralised CRM, covering all channels, so they have access to customer history and a better opportunity to resolve queries first time (FCR).

Solution: DigiDesk integrates with CRM systems through an open API infrastructure. Every social interaction can be sent to CRM and a history of all interactions with a customer is available to the agent via a single click.

So, after five years of social customer service, we think that we finally have the solution to delivering effective social customer care. If you want to take a closer look at how DigiDesk can help facilitate your social customer service, get in touch using our quick contact for below,  form quick demo.